Sámi medical association

The Sami Medical Association has since the founding meeting in Karasjok on October 6th, 1984, had as its goal to improve the health service for the Sami population.

Sámi Medical Association

Is a voluntary, independent, non-profit organization that, according to the mission statement, will work to improve the health service for the Sami population and promote health education in Sami. The association was founded in 1984 and members are Sami doctors and doctors who work with Sami patients throughout the country and in our neighbouring countries.

Boardmembers of Sami Medical Association

Máret Lájlá S. Nedrejord

Anne Lajla Kalstad
Debuty chairman

Jonill M. Fjellheim Knapp
Student representative

Ante Niillsa B. Oskal

Katrine Erke
Student representative

Siv Kvernmo

May Britt Nystad

Frøydis Nystad Nilsen